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Cleaning Equipment
  • Mobile High Pressure Cleaners
  • Stationary High Pressure Systems
  • Vacuum Cleaning Equipment
  • Application, dilution and mixing equipment
  • Cargo Hold Cleaning equipment
  • Ultrasonic - Part and Filter cleaners
  • Mooring Ropes
  • Rope Stretchers and Accessories
Electric And Battery Tools Equipment

Electric And Battery Tools, Grinders And Accessories Accessories, Consumables & Spares

Refrigerants and Refrigeration equipment
Paint Spraying

For cooling, heating, lubrication, and fuel to function properly, a vessel needs to have a number of fluids running in various machinery and systems.

In addition to barrel pumps, chemical applicators, and grease pumps, Findways also offers a complete line of pumps, levers and applicators that are fully compatible with onboard pumping systems and are environmentally friendly and effective.

  • Gas Welding, Brazing & Cutting
  • Arc Welding Equipment and Consumables
Air Tools

Air tools include air guns, drills, grinders, and wrenches.

  • Mineral Grease
  • Mineral Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • EAL Grease and Oil
Oil spill equipment

Sorbent pads etc.

Gases, refrigerants and cylinders
  • Gases
  • Spangases
  • Regulators

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