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Full Agency

With Findways you can depend on the most Reliable, predictable, and professional agency team with deep knowledge of local cargo operations and how to coordinate and arrange loading and discharge of specific commodity types.

The pre-arrival preparations
As part of the pre- arrival planning for your port call, we coordinate services for your vessel, cargo, and documentation.

All services offered at the port
We cordinate all in-port services required, including vessel boarding, monitoring vessel operations, and organizing booked services.

Following up after departure
Cost and disbursement accounts are closely tracked and communicated with customers in a thorough manner.

Protective Agency

We offer protective agency both for shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo owners (CPA) to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call. As protective agents we ensure that your interests are well taken care of. Thus, helping you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call. We know the local regulations, as well as port information, restrictions, supplier cost levels, etc. Supervising, along with providing advice to your counterparty's agent during port calls ensures your interests are always taken care of. We make your business case our own and constantly look to efficiently improve your business - more cargo deliveries with less time. We scrutinize the DA to ensure you are not overcharged and to keep your operations on schedule e.g. verifying that pilots are on time and that the correct amount tug boats are ordered We follow strong governance and compliance principles. With a protective agent, you can settle the PDA and funds through us, giving you more control over shipper or receivers agent as we are better positioned to challenge them with local know how. We assist you in scrutinizing the PDA to negotiate better rates and suggest better alternatives when relevant. We will check and validate SOF and challenge any questionable items that has not been agreed in order to protect your interest. Be your representative when an incident happens or in cases of disputes We are at your full disposal 24/7 during loading and discharging operations to assist and intervene with shippers/receivers agent as requested and if applicable.

Husbandry Services

Your extended arm at the port, Findways provides you with various husbandry needs.
Mainly but not limited to

Crew Change

With the unprecedented volumes handled, we are able to offer not only attractive agency fees, but also significant savings through our accomodation, transportation and Launch hire services.


Any payments to your Master and crew are handled professionally with the aid of security services wherever necessary. Your funds are safe with us.

Spare parts

We can safely coordinate and transport and last mile delivery, globally. Our experienced staff in coordination with various internal departments are also well versed in any customs matters.

Let's sail to perfection,

We strive hard every minute, every day to suffice our customers with exceptional
vessel and port services, freight and logistics services, transportation and storage services.

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